Technology means that talented people and high-growth companies can thrive anywhere in the world. They can and will locate in communities offering a great quality of life. These people and businesses value connected, safe, convenient and healthy places to live and work.

Connectedness is desired both in terms of infrastructure — from information technology to transportation — and with other people in the community.

Placemaking creates unique and vibrant places to enhance quality of life, as well as attract and retain talent and businesses. One of the weapons in a community’s arsenal to improve its economic condition is making itself attractive for employees, tourists, business owners and young knowledge workers. The result will be a place attractive to all.

Through the process of formulating this action plan, the following strategies were identified as priority action items:


• Identify and promote current recreational opportunities

Livingston County is blessed with a plethora of recreational opportunities, from lakes to parks to nature preserves. They must be used to help market the community to prospective businesses and residents.


• Identify and promote current arts and cultural opportunities

From concerts to community theater to exhibits, arts and cultural opportunities enrich community life. We must continue to nurture and support creative expression.


• Become wireless countywide

The ability to work anytime, anywhere is the way of life for knowledge workers and businesses. Stable, fast Internet access is a must to attract them.


• Use mass transit to connect to metropolitan areas

Livingston County’s location to metropolitan areas is one of its assets. Improving transportation to these areas increases the attractiveness of our community.


• Strengthen downtowns by increased mixed uses and cohesive marketing

Knowledge workers choose to live in communities with vibrant downtowns. Increasing opportunities of all kinds in our downtowns make them more attractive to prospective residents, as well as people who already live here.


• Create a welcoming environment that includes cultural diversity

Past perception has been that Livingston County is not welcoming of minorities. Through the efforts of many, that perception has been changing. For continued community health in the future, work to continue dispelling the perception must be ongoing.