Marketing & identity

Successful communities tell their story through powerful experiences and effective marketing. Branding creates value for the community’s products for buyers, creates the sense of identity needed to spur collaboration, and attract businesses and people to locate here.

Take Tuscany, for instance. The Italian region developed a marketing thrust that created a distinct cachet around wine, olive oil, and tourist destinations. These efforts translated into a strong regional economy over time.

Developing a competitive identity does more for a region than simple marketing. Branding requires many of the same steps needed for region-building, strategic planning and regional investment alignment. Branding includes developing common goals and creating a common vision — who we are, and what we represent to the world — as well as discovering community strengths.

Success projects positive images to residents and outsiders alike, who in turn create a buzz that retains and attracts brainpower. A community’s brand represents the stories residents tell about themselves, stories that create a shared understanding of the area’s identity and its economic potential.

Successful community leadership requires the skills of telling engaging stories and compelling narratives linking a region’s past strengths to its future opportunities.

Historically, Livingston County has not marketed itself as a destination for talent.

Through the process of formulating this action plan, the following strategies were identified as priority action items:


• Create a unified message voice to be used by all in marketing to outside the county

One coordinated message delivered consistently has far greater chance of success than a scattershot approach or no message at all.


• Target marketing efforts for business attraction to identified industrial and occupational clusters.

The only way to ensure success in attracting the industrial and occupational clusters we’ve identified as being good fits for the county is to target our message to them.


• Emphasize the unique assets of the region.

Livingston County has a lot going for it, and we need to make sure that prospective businesses and residents know about that which makes the community unique and attractive.


• Promote ongoing discussion of regional identity and collaborative endeavors.

Establishing sustainable prosperity is not static. Evaluating and fine-tuning our efforts, as well as keeping abreast of trends, must be a constant activity.


• Support key economic development related institutions — education, airport, cultural/artistic, tourism, industry associations, etc.  — in their efforts to promote their groups and the region as a whole.