Jobs & prosperity

A robust, focused and dependable county business development effort is absolutely essential to assist existing businesses and maintain existing jobs, grow new jobs by accelerating business growth, and attract new businesses and jobs to the community.

Entrepreneurs have led the United States out of every recession in the last hundred years. Consider that in 2007 — just four years ago — companies less than five years old created nearly two-thirds of the new jobs.

It is critical to the future of this community that we nurture an entrepreneurial culture and support small-business entry and expansion efforts.

There are lots of organizations that provide services and programs to support economic diversification and job growth; but because service and program providers are dispersed throughout the county, it’s difficult for entrepreneurs to locate what they need.

Creating jobs in Livingston County would be an enormous economic gain for the community. Currently 60 percent of residents who work travel outside the county for employment. With fuel prices rising and young talent wishing to locate near work, attracting high quality employment in Livingston County would help create a sustainable future for the area.

Through the process of formulating this action plan, the following strategies were identified as priority action items to increase jobs and prosperity:


• Expand the visibility of the Economic Development Council.

Higher, greater council visibility will translate into more opportunity for Livingston County.


• Support and expand entrepreneurial support, and coordinate activities to avoid duplication.

We must make Livingston County an attractive place for entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses.


• Create one-stop shops in all local governments.

Taking down obstacles to getting up and running in a reasonable amount of time will ensure that Livingston County is known as a place that is truly supportive of business.


• Create arts and creative class incubator/shared space.

As well as providing attractive, low-cost places for working, incubator/shared space areas encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and resources that grow and multiply.


• Create and facilitate a micro lending fund.

This is crucial if we are to truly create a climate that is supportive of entrepreneurs and small businesses.