Economic competitiveness begins with brainpower. To ensure increased and sustainable prosperity, our community needs to develop a way to equip our leaders with 21st-century skills, and support its entrepreneurs and workers.

We need to adapt to the changing economic realities, and that means we must do a better job of producing workers who can compete. We must have a globally competent future workforce with the attitude, critical thinking ability and intellectual skills necessary to compete with anyone in the world.

A successful community — one with a competitive and skilled workforce — converts brainpower into wealth by harnessing effective innovation and supporting entrepreneurship.

Innovation is increasingly a regional phenomenon. Competitive regions build effective innovation systems that, in turn, create climates in which new ideas sprout at rapid rates.

Innovation provides the process, and entrepreneurship the temperament and skills; together, they translate ideas into wealth by creating new products, new services and new markets.

It’s exciting to live in a highly creative, intellectually charged community, and there are things Livingston County can do in the near future to ensure long-term health and vitality for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through the process of formulating this action plan, the following strategies were identified as priority action items:


• Invest in entrepreneurship training.

Chances for success are greater when people have the proper tools. We will work to provide entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with the support necessary for success.


• Train local leaders in New Economy leadership skills.

These skills demand great collaboration and cooperation, and the ability to effectively communicate and inspire.


• Build on the foundation of Great Start Livingston: Early Childhood

We will ensure that every child in our community gets a great start at an education.


• Encourage innovation in schools.

This includes teaching non-traditional skills, as well as offering year-round, fast-tracking and flexible options.


• Develop educational and technology training programs to support growth in targeted economic clusters.

Proper training helps ensure success, and we are committed to providing the support necessary.